This is a Water-Hawk. It has golden-wings to slice enemy on close flights on the battlefield. It also has, torpedoes for dropping in the water.

Time to build:  5min

Special Features:  Golden razor wings.  Torpedo.  GPS tracking.

Size of crew:  1


I build for fun.

World War III

This is world war 3 between two rival galactic gangs!

Gang one(Left): captain Yellow-head

Gang two(Right): captain Commando

Time to Build: 5 Minutes

Special Features:
Gang one: Tank and rough riding missile launcher
Gang two:  Laser sighted sniper and Space Cowboy with a M-4 machine gun

I build for fun



The Miner 49′er

This is the machine that can mine down to 50,000 feet into the gold mines of Alaska.

Time to build: 20min
Special Feature: 2 Grappling Hooks in the rear for safety on deep shafts.

I build for fun.